Ep. 12 Exploding Social Media – featuring Twitter sensation James Breakwell (aka @xplodingunicorn)


James Breakwell, a father of four kids with more than 200,000 followers on Twitter (@xplodingunicorn), is the guest this week. I’ll talk to him about his family’s transition from three to four kids. I’ll also ask him what his family thinks about his parenting tweets and about how to write the perfect tweet.

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ParentNormal Questions Answered in this Episode:

  • I’m always putting adorable pictures of my toddler online, which means I’m always getting notifications on my phone, which means it’s always buzzing. My problem is that even when it’s not buzzing, I’m so used to it, I still feel buzzing. Why is that?
  • What filter do you recommend for Instagram?
  • One of my friends created a Twitter account for her toddler. Should I create a Twitter account for my toddler?

ParentNormal News in this Episode:

A mom in Vancouver, Canada today announced on Twitter that she wants to lose followers a few times every day. When questioned about the odd tweet, she clarified that she was talking about her kids who follow her everywhere. She added that she feels surrounded by 140 characters and can’t figure out how to block any of them, not even for a minute to use the restroom.

Meanwhile, a dad in Sydney, Australia is accusing his own baby of trying to steal his identity. He claims that if you go to his Facebook page, the only person you will see is his baby. Adding insult to injury, the dad has never had so many people like his page.

And finally, a new study finds that parents only use the password protection feature on their cell phones one percent of the time to stop thieves from using their phone and stealing their information. The rest of the time, parents are using the password protection to stop their kids from using their phone and erasing their information.

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