Thanks Kids for the Beautiful Gift of Slapstick Comedy, Also Known as Parenthood


Father’s Day is nearly here and it has me reflecting on the privilege it is to be a parent. I’ve joked about how dads don’t always get the recognition they deserve on the “holiday,” but the truth is that being a dad is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.

As a dad, I am even thankful for the long nights, missed meals and spilled food because the belly laughs, bear hugs and big smiles are worth a lifetime of joy.


I don’t want a new golf club this Father’s Day and not just because I don’t have the time to swing a golf club once, much less the 200 times it would take me to play 18 holes. All I want are my kids nearby and maybe a kid-drawn picture that could be of me, a dog or a rainbow. (I can never tell, but that doesn’t matter because it means I get to hear my kids’ tiny voices explain what they were imagining.)

Parenting isn’t easy, which is why it’s a perfect topic for joke-writing. It’s slapstick comedy personified. But for all of the jokes I make about it being a struggle, I wouldn’t trade a second of it.

Me and Cameron

This Father’s Day, Pampers is celebrating the incredible feeling little ones bring to the hearts of dads through unconditional love. They have also released a new #ThanksBaby video that captures the amazing relationship that is created between a dad and his baby when a baby is born and the beautiful journey of fatherhood begins.

On Father’s Day and every day, Pampers is giving thanks to babies for making dads feel exceptionally special and empowering them to discover new roles in life through fatherhood.

Please join us by tweeting why you are most thankful for baby with the hashtag #ThanksBaby.

#ThanksBaby(ies) for helping me experience true love and all that comes with it.

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